BIM - Building Information Modeling

Building Information Modeling (BIM) uses the latest software technology to establish a 3-dimensional digital representation of the physical aspects of a building with embedded object information and/or intelligence.

The benefits of BIM technology are vast. Through rapid visualization of the 3-dimensional rendering, Architects, Contractors, and Owners have the ability to explore a project’s key physical and functional characteristics digitally—before it’s built. This allows them to design, analyze, document and deliver designs from the conceptual phase through the construction phase. By using coordinated, data-rich information models, all members of the project team can contribute to its success through improved accuracy, less waste, and the ability to make informed decisions earlier in the process. The model can also be used as a repository for facility information by Owners with electronic facility management systems.

McKenzie Construction can take your 2-dimensional drawings, convert them to a 3-dimensional model, incorporate the dimension of time, estimate material quantities, run sustainability analysis, and detect clashes/conflicts to help you fully realize the intelligent building model technology, while maintaining your current projects’ budget and deadlines.


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